Wedding Speech

Wedding is the most sweetest and significant occasion in everyone's life. Different cultures follow different customs and traditions in a wedding, which make them more important and memorable. Every couple wants to make these priceless moments a happening and memorable one. Exchange of vows, music, dance, food, colors, flowers and crackers, and every small thing that can lighten up the new couple's life, forms a part of weddings. Wedding speeches have also been an integral part of a wedding since ages, and they are some of the cherished moments in every wedding. Wedding speeches are not only given as a formality in the wedding ceremony, but they also serve the purpose of making the family members and friends of the newly-weds familiar with the bride and the groom.

Only a few, lucky ones apart from the mother and father of the bride and the groom get an opportunity to deliver a wedding speech at the reception ceremony; the maid or matron of honor, and the best man are the ones who are the chosen ones to give a wedding speech to the couple. A weeding speech should actually be aimed at giving a small introduction of the wedding couple and their families to the guests. Who else better than the mother and father of the wedding couple can do this? The bride also gives a wedding speech sometimes. The groom usually gives a wedding speech in response to the wedding speech given by the father of the bride. The wedding speech of the groom is followed by the speech of the maid of honor.

People generally mess up with their wedding speeches if they have been giving it for the first time in their life. It is very easy to write and deliver a wedding speech, but as they are very important in a wedding, people may find it difficult to give a wedding speech. In an attempt to make it an extraordinary one, they may sometimes ruin it completely.

If you really share a good relation with the couple getting married, then you really do not have to struggle a lot in writing a wedding speech. Just include all the good things about the couple, in your wedding speeches to make the wedding ceremony a happy and a joyous one. You can also start the wedding speech with some funny jokes that can drive the interest of the guests towards the speech. Never include any personal stuff in the wedding speech that can spoil your speech. You should always try to picture the wedding speech with a smile on your face so that you can maintain a pleasant atmosphere throughout the speech that can grab the attention of the guests attending the wedding ceremony.

If you are the father of the bride, you can include the sweet unforgettable memories of your daughter, and special qualities of your daughter in the speech. You also need to give a brief introduction of your son-in-law in the speech. Same is the case with the grooms' father, he has to talk about his son, and give a brief introduction about his daughter-in-law. Then the groom delivers a small wedding speech in response to the wedding speech given by the brides' father and the bride gives a wedding speech in response to the wedding speech of the groom.

When the wedding speeches of the family members are over, the maid of honor or the best man of the wedding gets the honor to present, or deliver the wedding speech. The best man concludes the wedding speech. The concluding part of the wedding speech should also include the essence of humor to make the speech more interesting. Everyone who is giving the wedding speech for the guests attending the wedding ceremony tosses a toast at the end of the speech.

Most of the people do not have the experience of giving a speech in public, so they dazzle and tremble while giving a wedding speech, but there is nothing to get nervous while giving a wedding speech. If you are one of those, who are speaking in public for the first time, you can go through some preparations beforehand. You can write down a speech and practice on it several times, unless you achieve perfection. If still you are unable to achieve the desired level of perfection, and do not want to spoil the wedding of your loved ones then you can give up the idea of giving a wedding speech.

Never try to exaggerate a wedding speech adding something artificial and unwanted in it. Try to be natural and speak out everything that comes from insight, and is true. Make it a crispy one, blending it with emotions and jokes, so that your speech becomes a memorable one for the wedding couple and the guest around. You can also try to explore the feeling of the guests by rolling some questions to them about their relation with their spouse.