Bridesmaid Wedding Speech Example

Although most of the speeches at the wedding ceremonies are made by men, some of the females like the mothers of the couples, maid of honor and the bridesmaid may also make a request for speaking some words at the wedding ceremony. If you have been asked to be the bridesmaid, and wish to deliver a speech at your friend's or sister's wedding ceremony, you can make a good speech referring the bridesmaid wedding speech example given here. A bridesmaid wedding speech example is a speech that is most of the times an emotional one, but you can also make your speech funny, if you wish.

The bridesmaid speech has to be a short speech that contains some words of wisdom for the bride and the groom. A bridesmaid is someone close to the bride, apart from the bride's mother and father. She can be a close friend or a sister. So it is not difficult for them to share something about the bride with the people. There are various sections in every speech, the bridesmaid has to thank the bride and the groom, she has to speak something about both of them and welcome the guests. Finally she should end her speech by raising a toast for both of them. Here is a sample bridesmaid wedding speech to help you.

Welcome ladies and gentlemen! I am pleased to be the bridesmaid of Sandra today on her very special day. We have been friends since our first day in the school and I am honored that I could be a special part of my dear friend's wedding. I would like to thank Sandra and Marc for the honor of bridesmaid at their wedding, all the guests for their presence at this auspicious occasion, and would like to bless the bride and the groom for their bright future.

I have spent the most special days of my life with Sandra in school and college. Those days were the happiest days of our life, when we used to enjoy night outs, party with friends, picnics and study together.

Sandra was an expert at playing pranks on teachers, she was the naughtiest in our group and this might not be something new or unknown to Marc. Marc was our senior in the college when we were studying our mass communications; unaware of this Sandra tried to play some prank on him on the very first day of college. She tried to fool him by acting like a third year student, but unfortunately Marc was studying in the third year of the mass communications, and we had to pay for our trick, especially Sandra. She had to do his assignments for one whole month for him! Thereafter, they bonded into a relationship, and their love blossomed.

Sandra is lucky to have Marc as her partner for the rest of her life. He is the most adorable guy, and any girl would dream of sharing her life with a guy like him. I am sure that they will live their lovely relationship for many decades. A good and long lasting relationship requires accepting the differences and nurturing the similarities between each other. After being into a relationship for 3 long years, Sandra and Marc must have mastered this art.

I would like to wish them all the happiness and all the luck for their successful and prosperous life!

You can write a speech in any manner you want to, but you have to abide certain restrictions when you want to add some humor to your speech. Crack only those jokes that are relevant to the occasion and the people present for the wedding ceremony. You have to personalize the above bridesmaid wedding speech example, instead of using it the way it is.