Master of Ceremony Wedding Speech

The master of ceremony, or the MC at the wedding ceremony, is the person who has to administer the entire wedding ceremony. He is the only person who has to look after all the arrangements in the wedding ceremony. The master of ceremony is also supposed to give some introduction speeches and a speech for the wedding couple. The master of ceremony has to make sure that the speeches given at the wedding ceremony moves smoothly one after the other. He has to make sure that all the events at the wedding ceremony are running smoothly, and at the same time, maintain the order of speeches at the wedding ceremony. To deliver a speech at the wedding reception, the MC has to prepare for a master of ceremony wedding speech, gathering some information.

Anyone can be made a master of ceremony, someone from relatives, family or friends can handle this responsibility. There are many people in the wedding ceremony who are supposed to deliver a speech for the couple. The master of ceremony has to collect the names of all these people and know their relationship with the wedding couple. When this is done, half of his job is done.

The master of ceremony has to prepare several speeches for each person, who is supposed to give a speech at the wedding ceremony. The speeches given by the master of ceremony to address these people generally contain their introduction and relationship with the couple. You can also include some qualities of the speaker in your speech. In all, your speech should not be a lengthy one, and should not take more than a minute. Unnecessary and lengthy speeches at the wedding ceremony are boring, and you are there to entertain people and not to bore them.

Apart from these short introduction speeches, the master of ceremony has to prepare a speech for the wedding couple as well. In the speech for the wedding couple, the master of ceremony has to welcome the guests and the family members attending the wedding ceremony. The master of ceremony also has to speak something about the wedding couple. If he knows the couple, or anyone of the couple closely, it should not be difficult for him to share something about them with the people sitting over there.

The master of ceremony can also crack some jokes in his speech. These jokes should not be abusive and irrelevant. Sometimes funny wedding quotes and funny lines said by some famous personalities are also included in the wedding speeches. They also work in entertaining the guests. If you know the bride or groom, or both of them, since a long time, then you can also share some of the memorable moments in the form of stories with the guests. You can construct your speech in this manner, and deliver it at the wedding ceremony.

You can also make some preparations or rehearsals for delivering the speech. If you have never tried speaking in public, then you might be a bit nervous, and spoil your job at the wedding ceremony. To make your friend's or your close one's wedding ceremony a successful and memorable one, you can perform several practice sessions or rehearsals. During these practice sessions, if you realize that you are unable to do justice to the jokes, or you are unable to be funny, then you can cut those sections from your speech. If you force yourself to be funny, your speech won't have originality, and it can be a great turn off for the guests. If your speech is not original, i.e. you have included something fake and unreal in the speech, it can also cost a lot for your speech.

Following the above tips and ideas you can write your master of ceremony wedding speech. You can also refer some of the example speeches. The example speeches are the specimens that help you in giving the skeleton of the speech. You can just refer them, but do not copy the entire idea from these speeches, as your speech should be your personal speech. You can note down some points from these speeches, and write down your own speech. Deliver your speech in a polite tone, and maintain a pleasing smile on your face throughout the speech.