Wedding Introduction Speech

Wedding introduction speech is generally given by the toastmaster, but if there is no toast master in the wedding ceremony, the wedding speech introduction is given by the best man. This is a short speech that is given to introduce the speaker to the guests that are attending the wedding ceremony. The toastmaster or the best man should deliver this speech before the speaker starts his/her speech. This speech does not require too much of preparation though it should be delivered in a proper manner. The toast master and the best man have many other duties apart from delivering a wedding speech at the wedding ceremony, so he may not get too much time for the preparations.

A wedding introduction speech is given for every speaker who is supposed to speak at the wedding ceremony. The main aim of delivering a wedding speech is to introduce the speaker to the guests, so this speech should contain the name of the speaker. To make it a bit interesting, along with introducing the name of the speaker, some of his qualities are also included in the speech. The person who is delivering the wedding introduction speech has to bring some variety and creativity in every speech. Some preparation will be helpful in doing this.

These speeches are not necessarily funny speeches. However, some people try to make them funny by adding some jokes in the speech of introduction. If the person giving the speech gets to know something funny about the speaker, then he can included it in his speech. While cracking the jokes you should make sure that you are not cracking any jokes that can be embarrassing, and hurt the emotions of the speaker. You should also make sure that your speech and your jokes are suitable for the guests' listening.

Here is a sample speech which will give you an idea of writing a wedding introduction speech.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have gathered tonight to celebrate and bless the lovely couple. At this special occasion of theirs, there are some special memories about the bride that her father who has been a great inspiration and support for her, would like to share with all of us. He is truly pleasured, and eager in delivering a speech for his daughter and her bride. Please join me in giving a hearty welcome to Mr. Jim Carol"

Given above is a perfect wedding introduction speech. According to this speech, you begin by paying your gratitude by welcoming the guests, and the family members, and everyone who is attending the wedding ceremony. You then have to include some lines about the wedding couple, and then share some of the qualities of the speaker with the guests. It is also necessary, that you let people know the relation of the speaker with the wedding couple. The name of the speaker should be stated at the end of the speech.

There are few other etiquettes to be followed while delivering a speech. Even if you have prepared a perfect speech, you should make sure that you deliver your speech in a proper manner. It is essential that you dress well, and look pleasing. It is also essential that you maintain eye contact with the guests, and have a pleasing smile on your face while deliver the speech. Collecting some information about everyone is very essential before you start writing about anyone in the speech. Never include anything which is not true and genuine in you speech. If you want to make your speech funny, and you don't have any idea of writing a funny speech and delivering it, then avoid an attempt to do so. If you force yourself to be funny while giving the speech, then it can spoil the essence of your speech. Give an elegant and simple wedding introduction speech in this case.